Your mouth is the most important eye-catchers in your face. Together with the eyes it is one of the things we look at first. More beautiful and fuller lips ensure a more youthful appearance.
As we grow older, all kinds of irritations can occur around the mouth, the lips loose their volume and become smaller, wrinkles and vertical lines occur around the mouth and the corners of the mouth can hang down.

Fortunately, nowadays all of these irritations can be treated and thus we do not have to cope with them during our whole life.
Lips which have lost their volume or lips which are small by nature can be made fuller by means of a hyaluronic acid such as Esthélis, Restylane or Juvederm. Often the strengthening of the lip contours is sufficient.
The filling of the lips and lip contours can be made very subtle, but also somewhat more prominent, if desired.

A lip showing an asymmetry or being lop-sided can be brought back in balance. This can be achieved by filling one part of the lip. However, if the asymmetry is caused by an asymmetric mimic in the face, Botox can offer a solution. This is a very accurate work where the administration of a little dose of Botox or Dysport can lead to a great improvement of the appearance.

Currently you can be provided with the lips you like within certain limits. However, it is very important that the result remains natural and that it fits the overall picture of the face.

Esthelis (Hyaluronic acid)  
Esthelis per  0,6 ml € 375,00
Esthelis per 1 ml € 540,00
Forthelis      1 ml € 575,00
Juvéderm Ultra (Hyaluronic acid)  
Juvéderm Ultra 2 of 3 per 0,55 ml € 350,00
Juvéderm Ultra 2 of 3 per 1 ml € 550,00
Juvéderm Voluma per 2 ml
         € 780,00 
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